Joe Rock - Rock 'N' Roll The Way It Oughta Be . . .  

Joe Rock is not only known for his songwriting abilities but also for his dynamic live performances.  For the better part of two decades, Joe has been writing and performing music all over the United States.

Mr. Rockís eclectic taste and diverse style of music has been heavily influenced by his extensive travels throughout the country.  Be it the Mississippi Delta or Chicago's Blues, the Bluegrass of the South and West, the folk music of New England, or the RockíníRoll that is omnipresent in this country, Joe has been there and soaked the music into his heart, his mind and his soul.  His life's experiences are reflected in his playing style and his voice.

Joe is a singer and a multi-instrumentalist, playing not only guitar but mandolin and harmonica.  He is also a front man for a RockíníRoll and a Blues band as well as a solo acoustic performer.  Joeís live performances include plenty of interaction with the audience and, on some inspired evenings, much audience participation. During his performances he assumes the role of a storyteller, comedian, music fan, songwriter, singer and friend.  A Joe Rock show will not only include his varied styles of original music, but also a large array of music from many diverse artists.

So come on inside and experience the next best thing to being at one of his shows!

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